Our Story

Anttarangni was founded in 1998 by Aparna Panwar out of a pure passion for aesthetics. The trait that ran in the family as they earlier dealt with furniture. She discovered her eye for aesthetics as a kid helping her father with his furniture business.

Over 2000 satisfied clients are a testament to our forte in interior designing. Our commercial endeavors include office spaces, cafes, and restaurants. We are a hassle-free enterprise with end-to-end service providing you peace of mind.

Our Mission

We believe that surroundings have a deep impact on our well being which drives our passion to provide you with mindful interiors personalized to your taste. We believe liberty is a mindset and freedom prospers with aesthetics.

Our Vision

We desire to beautify as many spaces as our capacity permits and become synonymous with words like design, beauty, aesthetics, interiors, etc.

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